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          School Equipment - List



          All students are expected to come to school each day with the necessary equipment to take an active part in their lessons.

          During every morning registration a REP check will be carried out to ensure that all students have the following items with them:

          • Reading Book
          • Equipment
          • Planner

          Essential Equipment

          • Planner (provided by the school)
          • Pencil Case
          • Black or blue ball point pen
          • Pencil
          • Pencil eraser and pencil sharpener
          • Ruler 30cm
          • Coloured pencils
          • Calculator
          • Reading Book

          Tippex or other correction fliuds are not allowed in school.

          Text books and equipment may be issued on loan to students at the discretion of staff. 

          Students will be expected to pay for any loss or damage to school equipment.

          School bags must be plain navy or black with no designer labels or motifs. They must be big enough to hold A4 folders.

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